From coding competitions to robotic workshops to making mechanical waste workable, Technical events shall keep the practical application close to the theory at Geeta University.

technical events of Geeta University

Career in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet. This program was arranged to gain knowledge and practical experience of Cloud Computing from the Innovative, Knowledgeable, and Professional Resource Person. The session was aimed to understand the changes in new technology and provide the ability to pursue new challenging business models or to achieve a significant competitive advantage of using Cloud Computing in the software industry.

Campus to Corporate

Campus to Corporate – A Life-Changing Transformation, The whole session is how students make a transition from college life to corporate climate and to help them deal with a range of new challenges in an accountable, professional and incredible manner.

technical events of Geeta University

Problem Solving Skills

One of the most important skills that an engineer brings to the table is the ability to think critically and to solve a problem. Problem-solving is a complex skill that requires supporting skills, such as critical and creative thinking, self-directed learning, team working, communication, and many others, that must be developed too.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will lead a revolution in personalized medicine – from diagnosing brain tumors to deciding which cancer treatment is best for a person. Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize our lives by closing the gap between what humans are capable of and what is actually possible. AI penetrates into all areas to take on the basic tasks of people, interacting perfectly with our daily life.

This digital revolution will make the business world more competitive. The efficiency and other economic benefits of code-based AI will continue to disrupt every aspect of human work.

technical events of Geeta University

JAVA + Android

Android App Development Workshop mainly focuses on how to use Android OS for building your own Android Application. The workshop will start from the basics like esigning layouts and building complex layouts. Once the basics of Android are done we will begin with building Apps.


Students from the Civil Engineering department have enrolled themselves in Etabs Value added course under Mr. Ajay Singh Thakur, Students have learned to model Grids, Frame Structures for both RCC and Steel Structures, In-depth knowledge of property modifiers was given in reference to IS 1893 and 13920:2016 Codes. Load Assigning and Analysis was successfully performed by students.

technical events of Geeta University
technical events of Geeta University

Advance Excel

The department of Engineering has organized a 5-days workshop on ” Advanced Excel “, from 17th Jan 2022 to 21st Jan 2022. The workshop was conducted with the intention to bridge the gap between computer knowledge and its application using excel.
We have also invited faculty from other departments also & the resource person provided a hands-on task to the participants. After the successful completion of the workshop, certificates were provided to the participants on behalf of their performance.

Research Methodology

Geeta- Center for Academic Research Excellence (G-Care) organized a seminar on Introduction to Research Methodology. G-Care is the R&D cell of Geeta University. The seminar was inaugurated by Chairman, S.P. Bansal, and he inspired the faculty member to do research and take G-Care to new heights. This was followed by an expert lecture by Dr. Ashwini Kumar. He elaborated on the importance of research and then explained the various steps involved in research

technical events of Geeta University
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